WAITING For Blancmange

Liz Mincin

So, does anyone else find they have a few forgotten fruits in the back of the fridge? If you're needing a plum recipe for a few overripe fruits, this sauce is sure to delight!

Let’s get started!

3 Key Ingredients to a Fruit Sauce

01 Chopped fruit - fresh or defrosted frozen

02  Sweetener - sugar or honey

03 Citrus juice - orange, lemon or lime

Chopped Fruit


For best results use fresh seasonal fruits that are well ripened.  You can use frozen fruit, defrosted or tinned fruit.



Choose a sweetener that compliments your fruit and flavour intentions. For plum sauce, brown sugars give a nice molasses hint.

Citrus Juice


Citrus juices help the preservation of fruits and add a nice zest. For plum sauce, try orange juice.

Easy one pan recipe:

Mix together your ingredients and heat to break down the fruits.

Decant into a bowl for serving.

Serve the plum sauce warm or cool. It can keep for several days and is super versatile for use!

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